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The Six Days of Creation

Explore the millennia-old Bible teaching of the literal Six days of creation as it was described in the book of Genesis. This free and informative download will give you a better understanding of the real history of how everything in our world came into existence.

There has never been another time in recorded history where the Biblical account of creation has been the target of so many vicious attacks, particularly from a number of modern religious philosophies including atheistic-evolution, but it is comforting to know that the accurate history recorded in the Bible has stood the test of time!

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Find out more information on the age of the earth and other questions relating to the creation account found in the book of Genesis, please visit and

About The Authors

Joel Reed and Nathanael Reed have been a writing team for over 10 years, and have written three novels together. Joel and Nathanael Reed have had more than 60 curriculum units published and more than 200 popular Novel Studies available online, these are also available in such outlets as Chapters and Staples and most stores for teachers.

Number of Pages: 11

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