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The Counsellor

Married for only a few short months, Mae Little is traumatized by the sudden death of her husband in a tragic accident. Sent by her family to the Auburn Health Facility to recover, Mae comes under the care of Dr. Job Anderson, a neuthetic counsellor. During the preceding weeks, Job's rather unorthodox approach manages to achieve encouraging results with several of the residents, including Mae.

A number of unusual individuals make Auburn their home - colourful, peculiar, many in dire need of someone like Job who cares deeply for every resident. Job has been on the staff of the facility for only a short time, but already suspects that all is not as it seems. As he becomes more familiar with the facility, Job discovers that a number of the residents are being prescribed dangerous experimental drugs. As he and a colleague probe deeper into this troubling situation, they uncover potential evidence of an ongoing kickback scheme involving some of the physician's within the institution. When Job's accusations become public, an arbitrator is assigned to the facility to invesitgate the matter further.

In the meantime, Job's involvement with Mae has developed to the point where he is able to offer her challenges of a more spiritual nature, which become an important tool in her ongoing recovery.

About The Authors

Joel Reed and Nathanael Reed have been a writing team for nearly twenty years, and have written three novels together. Joel and Nathanael Reed have had more than 60 curriculum units published and more than 300 popular Novel Studies available online, these are also available in such outlets as Chapters and Staples and most stores for teachers.

Number of Pages: 143

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