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Viking Princess

Twelve-year-old Edith Valgardsottir longs to accompany her father and brother on their annual inland hunting expedition, however, as a girl, Edith is relegated to guarding the family's herd of sheep. Little does she know that through a seemingly innocent prank played by her friends, she will become an accidental stowaway and explorer, and will see and experience things that her family and friends can hardly imagine.

The following is an Excerpt taken from Chapter Four of Viking Princess:

Edith woke with a start. She lay in the dark for a moment listening. Great cracking sounds filled the air. It was the sound she had often hear - the noise of ice breaking. A moment later she heard the monstrous splash of the ice sliding off into the ocean. She stirred a little and tried to sleep again.

She heard another sound she did not understand. It was a brisk, snapping sound, like something flying in the wind. She sat up and listened. It was then that she heard the sound of water and realized she was under a tarpaulin and on a boat. Her heart thumped with fear.

About The Author

Mary Ruth Reed credits home-schooling in the early grades for her love of reading and her interest in poems, articles and novels. As well as teaching an appreciation of outdoor activities to their five children, (Jim, Ruth, Jean, Bob and Charles) her parents also encouraged them to use their imagination to create ideas, which has been a strong influence of her work. Since the early nineties Ruth has lived on the old family property at Larder Lake in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Number of Pages: 122

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