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God of The Trees

God of the Trees is a thoughtful book of scripture based meditations on eighteen different kinds of trees; trees which were key to a series of critical events found in the Holy Bible. From the mighty oak to the lowly hyssop; from the beloved fig tree to the wilderness-dwelling acacia, the author's thoughtful insights provide a number of illuminating glimpses into the wonder of God's astounding creative powers.

Even some of Scripture's most familiar analogies refer to a number of different trees: such as followers being rooted in Christ and bearing good fruit for Him. As well, many of the most dramatic incidents of the Bible took place beneath trees: Eve's temptation, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, the Lord's calling of the tax-collector, Zacchaeus, the angel's visit to Elijah when he was beneath the broom tree in the wilderness and many more. Still other trees are used in the Bible's most cherished poems: the almond, the pomegranate and the willow.

God of the Trees provides the reader with a wealth of devotional reflections on one of the Lord's most magnificent creations, the tree.

About The Author

Nat Reed was an elementary teacher/principal for nearly 30 years and then taught full-time at Trent University's School of Education for another nine years. Nathanael has had 60 curriculum units published and more than 150 popular Novel Studies available online, these are also available in such outlets as Chapters and most stores for teachers. Nathanael lives with his wife, Joyce, and has four sons, Nathan, Jason, Eric and Joel who also reside in different areas of Canada.

Number of Pages: 142

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