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Visions of Eternity

* Visions Of Eternity is the original version of 'The Faithful Witness'.

Despite suffering from a troubled childhood, Adrian Whyte has managed to achieve considerable success as an engineer, then salesperson for a large corporation, however within a few short weeks he finds his life turned completely upside-down. Blinding headaches and disturbing nightmares, become a regular part of Adrian's life, yet in the midst of these problems, he strikes up a friendship with Eva McLeod, a colleague from work.

A trip to the hospital due to a minor traffic accident reveals that the source of Adrian's problems is a brain tumour. Despite the doctors' less-than-hopeful prognosis, Adrian's relationship with Eva continues to progress. It is during this time that Adrian finds his spiritual views challenged by several new people that cross his path, including an empathetic hospital chaplain.

The nightmares however, not only increase in intensity, but Adrian quickly discovers how difficult it has become for him to cope with his responsibilities at work. What is especially troubling is the fact that the nightmares remind Adrian of his fragile health, and an unknown eternity awaiting him.

About The Authors

Joel Reed and Nathanael Reed have been a writing team for over 10 years, and have written three novels together. Joel and Nathanael Reed have had more than 60 curriculum units published and more than 200 popular Novel Studies available online, these are also available in such outlets as Chapters and Staples and most stores for teachers.

Number of Pages: 110

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