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Designated For Assignment

Much has been written and said about the prophets of the Old Testament being rather harsh spokesmen for God. However, as we read through the prophets, we find time and again the anguish and heartache expressed by God through His prophets and His great love for His creatures, sinful and rebellious though they be.

The purpose of the devotional, Designated for Assignment: God’s Love in the Minor Prophets, is to bring to the forefront, the great love of our Creator. We see this evidenced especially in these twelve short books written primarily to the people of Judah and Israel, but also to Gentiles as well.

Each of the twelve devotionals in this book highlight aspects of this love and remind the reader of the wondrous, loving character of God, culminating in His sending His only Son to die and redeem mankind. It is the purpose of the book to draw readers closer to our Heavenly Father by gaining a fresh appreciation of the great love He has for us.

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About The Author

Nat Reed was an elementary teacher/principal for nearly 30 years and then taught full-time at Trent University's School of Education for another nine years. Nathanael has had 60 curriculum units published and more than 150 popular Novel Studies available online, these are also available in such outlets as Chapters and most stores for teachers. Nathanael lives with his wife, Joyce, and has four sons, Nathan, Jason, Eric and Joel who also reside in different areas of Canada.

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