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Our Commitment

Our website is devoted to creating family-friendly resources for personal enjoyment such as books and poems, as well as for academic assistance, including a standard classroom setting. There is a wide variety of resources to choose from, so please feel free to explore our site and browse our different sections! If you have any questions or comments, you can email us for further assistance. We appreciate any ideas or suggestions you may have in order to serve you better.

Our Novel Studies

In depth novel studies are provided as download ready materials on our website, Reed Novel Studies. The writers for Reed Novel Studies have been published by a number of reputable companies, and some of their work is available for purchase at many nationwide retailers such as Chapters/Indigo and Staples. Our novel studies are generally chapter-by-chapter and include each of the following sections: Before You Read, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions (including higher-level thinking questions); as well as many other challenging activities. Each novel study includes everything needed to teach the novel including concepts / activities such as: setting, literary devices, research assignments, cloze activities, creative writing assignments, character studies, parts of speech, analogies, synonyms and antonyms, crossword and word search puzzles, studies in conflict, constructing a storyboard and sequence chart and several other unique and educational activities.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum based units are designed to explore a number of exciting classics from literature, most of which are intended to perfectly compliment our novel study products. Two go-fish games based on a Pioneers theme and the popular novel, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, are featured in this exciting selection. The Historical Fiction unit provides the teacher with numerous creative activities that he/she can assign to his/her students when tackling an historical novel. Poetry in Motion is a creative approach to teaching the appreciation of poetry. The Prime Ministers of Canada was developed for teachers and educators who wish to inform their students on the history of Canada's leaders. Also included are a number of fun poems - along with fascinating subjects and current themes to keep your students interested.

Our Free Offerings

You can download two of our popular booklets 'The Six Days of Creation', and 'The Flood of Noah' completely free of charge! The booklets were written by Joel Reed and can be used as an exciting and informative resource for teaching children facts about the Bible! We are currently working on several new novels that will be available for download on our website sometime in the near future. Joel and Nathanael Reed have been a writing team for more than ten years, and have written a total of three novels together. Nathanael and Joel have also written more than two hundred novel studies and have had over sixty curriculum units published by several major companies. A number of Nathanael's products are available in such outlets as Chapters/Indigo, Staples and several other stores for teachers and educators.

Our Novels and eBooks

One of the many products we have to offer are wholesome novels for young readers that can be downloaded or ordered online from the links provided. We are currently offering "The Expedition", "The Counsellor" and "The Faithful Witness as free, full-length novels (available in our eBook section).